Baseball Coaching Advice - How To Overcome A Fear Of The Baseball

Almost all baseball hitters at every level have an anxiety about this baseball to one extent or another.  True, the amount of fear does change considerably.  You might have maybe gotten hit by a pitch and it might have been a really painful experience and provides you a very unpleasant durable memory.  Getting hit by a soccer ball could be outright disheartening and scary and you have every right in the world to become fearful.  If that is true, it's going to take some time for you to have all that fear fade away.

The ideal cure on earth is a lot, many at bats.  The more bats you have without going through this painful experience again would be the very best cure and you need to be able to get your fear under far greater control.  Don't ever be ashamed about having an anxiety about this baseball.  Most hitters have a panic and will not admit it.
Baseball Coaching Tips Which Should Help:

1.   It seems a bit ironic to recommend turning more toward the pitcher if you presently possess a fear of the ball.  However, what happens is you will see the ball better.  And just watching the ball will give you a great deal more confidence that you can get out of the way of the pitch if you have to.

2.  Ensure that both the front shoulder and front arm aren't too significant.  Be sure they are low enough and don't come near obstructing some of your view of the ball that is pitched.

3.  With younger players especially, parents or coaches should pitch to them using a tennis or plastic ball and occasionally throw the ball right at them.  Watch and love as their confidence grows when they come to understand they can safely get out of the way of the ball.  This is one of the very best baseball coaching drills that can be used to aid a player, particularly if it's a younger player.

4.  And recall the safest way to get out of the way in an inside pitch.  Tuck your chin in against your chest, bend at the waist and make a quarter turn toward the catcher.  Consider it as if you're going to have a nose to nose argument with the catcher.   You're far better off getting hit at the upper, lower or middle part of the trunk or the rear end than getting hit in front of the body.

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