MLB - Yankees Defeated The Twins in Game

Nobody is surprised that the New York Yankees machined their way through the first game of the American League Series against the Minnesota Twins.  The match, played in the Yankees' new Stadium, finished 7-2.  Following 103 regular season victories, the Yankees boast the best record in the league and also present as powerful contenders not only for the AL series, but also for its World Series.

The Twins, on the other hand, arrived in New York Wednesday at 3 a.m., looking tired and possibly also concerned about the injury that left out first baseman Justin Morneau.  The result was a somewhat lopsided game in which the Yankees trumped their AL competitions.  Minnesota may not happen to be a simple opponent, but let's simply say that the Yankees gave a very good performance, especially in the persons of pitcher CC Sabathia and third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Both gave a great show , demonstrating they could be as fantastic as they are from the normal season.  We can never tell what a day of rest will do for Minnesota, but it looks like the series won't be one in which the Yankees are scraping desperately to get a final win to take the series.  And if they could choose the match on Friday night as well, the Yankees are considering two consecutive postseason victories in years.  Wednesday night proved a very good match for CC Sabathia, who left the match with only two runs after 113 pitches.  "This is what you come here for," Sabathia said.  "It was electric tonight.

The area got loud, with him starting out the game with one and then tying the score up back, and it only made me want to go out there and have three quick outs. " Sabathia threw 101 2/3 innings after the break this year and ended with 3,586 pitches, fourth one of MLB starters.  He's striving towards an even better performance this postseason en route to the World Series.

A-Rod also had a great night as well, since he's suffered through a messy year after a lackluster regular season along with a steroid scandal.  But maybe he simply responded to October's high pressure; he switched a house run to chase Duensing in the match in the fifth inning and drove a ball off the wall in the seventh against Jon Rauch to get another RBI.  Perhaps those strikes will give him a new start and let him regain his focus.

The Minnesota Twins, on the other hand, had a tough week.  Less than 24 hours later observing their victory over Detroit, the Twins were confronting the Yankees in the Bronx.  Certainly their performance left much to wish for; a deficiency of energy and optimism left them unresponsive to the Yankees' runs.   Friday could be their chance to steal the Yankees' thunder from the series.  And with Nick Blackburn pitching for Minnesota and A.J. Burnett for New York in the first postseason start in all their careers, we are sure to have quite an intriguing game.

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