1966 Regular Season in MLB

The 1966 season in Major League Baseball would comprise some of the greatest players who are talked about even today.  The league featured enormous names such as Frank Robinson, Roberto Clemente and Sandy Koufax.  These players would all leave their mark on this season with stellar production.

The Braves would take this season for a year of transition.  They proceeded to Atlanta, where they currently reside.  The Angels would also create some changes to their own franchise.  The Angels played in Anaheim Stadium for the first time.  The Cardinals would likewise make a number of changes.  This would be their final season playing in Busch Stadium 1.  They would open Busch Memorial Stadium part way through the season.

The Most Valuable Player of the Year Award would go to Frank Robinson from the American League.   He'd put up incredible numbers that season, winning the Triple Crown for the Orioles.  He hit for an average of .316 while hammering 49 homeruns on the season.  He'd also knock in 122 RBIs.

In the National League Roberto Clemente would take the MVP award.  He'd conquer Matty Alou and Hank Aaron for its award despite their stellar seasons.   Hank Aaron was the homerun champion in the National League, hitting 44 on the year.

The Cy Young Award would go to Sandy Koufax.  Koufax lead the league in Wins, ERA and Strikeouts that season for the second year in a row.  He was just amazing and kept the Dodgers in nearly every match that he pitched.  He finished up with 27 wins, a 1.73 ERA and also 317 strikeouts on the season.

The regular season was dominated by the groups which each of these players played .  The Dodgers managed to win 95 games over the season and they would lead the National League in wins.  The Giants would come in second place with 93 wins.  The Pirates, led by Clemente and Alou, managed to win 92 games too on the season.

The Baltimore Orioles, led by Triple Crown winner Frank Robinson, managed to win a whopping 97 games over the season.  This was great for first in the American League, also it would be the greatest win total of any team in all Major League Baseball. 
The worst groups in all of baseball were both found in the National League.  With all these teams winning more than 80 games in the National League(6), it was essential that some teams took a beating from the top teams in the league.  The Mets won only 66 games over the season while the Cubs won 59.

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