President Abraham Lincoln And my Major League Baseball Coffee Mug

I've always loved late President Abraham Lincoln and to the day that I hold him as a role model who's a quintessential ideal to me in many ways.  It was his absolute ability to ascertain his point of view with such sophistication and ease that it enveloped everyone's thinking ability and well accommodated itself from the mental landscape of intellectuals in addition to ordinary masses.  That's why his appeal transcended beyond nations and he was not only a politician that progressed to be the best president of the United States of America but he was a Global leader whose charisma captivated the political universe across the globe. 

President Abraham Lincoln did not stand tall in his physical stature but as a human being he was much taller than anybody else, he was humble enough to exude a little girl who asked him to shave off his moustache and his fight against apartheid speaks volumes about his nature and the selfless politician that he was.  He was a guy and a leader that climbed beyond the call of duty and worked tirelessly to transform the United States of America to the fantasy that the ancestors of the great nation had envisaged long before.  He was the manifestation of this dream that was linked with the Statue of Liberty that stood tall as a beacon of hope for millions who called the USA their home.  For lot many it was a home away from home and today it is a country that has evolved to redefine the modern world.

President Abraham Lincoln's passion for America was next to none and being an American fascination for the sport of baseball was as intense as that of any American.  He was a fervent follower of the match and it was that impelled a quote about President Abraham Lincoln in aCurrier and Iveseditorial cartoon in the year 1860.  The quote read "Gentleman, if some one of you should take a hand in another game at this match, remember you have to possess 'a fantastic bat' and strike a 'fair ball' to earn a 'clean score' and a 'homerun. ' What an educational quote that transported the essence of the message with such ease and brilliance.  It was the liking of President Abraham Lincoln for the match that he could be seen playing baseball with the children on the front yard of the White House.  It was this great president of America who got actual baseball field named "White Lot" built behind the White House.  On his death bed President Abraham Lincoln told Abner Doubleday, "Don't let baseball perish. "

Thankfully, Americans have maintained the match alive and with this sportsmanship that just cultivates the best attributes of a great human being just like President Abraham Lincoln.  I adored him as a president of America and more as a superb human being whose prudence was of greatest standards.  It's in his commemoration that I watch my baseball matches with myMajor league baseball coffee mug which has the inset picture of my favorite President with the logos of my favorite baseball team round the mug in the form of a collage.  Believe me that this custom made mug resembles any MLB coffee mugs.  It's essential have for any lover of the game and sportsmanship.  Whether you're the lover of this match or an admirer of the best president of America, President Abraham Lincoln, you won't be disappointed when you possess your personal MLB coffee mugs.

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